In this project, IC and water level sensor are used to control the water level in a water tank. This project switches on the motor pump when water in the overhead tank falls below the lowest level and turns it off when the tank is full. It is to replace the traditional way that use tank ball. The water level is sensed by two water sensor to operate the switches for controlling the pump motor. The IC is used to program the water sensor to sense the water and switch the pump motor when needed.

Project background

A range of level control systems and methods are used in industry. Systems may be based on the use of floats, probes or sensor. Level control is one of continuous process that can be treated as an integrating process. The level controller can be applying on temperature control, pressure control, and water control.

The level controller is used with electrical probes or sensors. The electrical probes are used with power supply and motor. The probes will put inside the tank and the motor will pump as the water goes down. the probes will detect the level of the water and on/off the motor.

The level controller which are using water sensor will sense the low and high level of water in water tank. If the water was low, the motor will pump the water and will stop to pump water after the high level reached.

Project objective

The main objective of this project is to develop water level controller to maintain the outlet process of the water level at its desired level.

Problem statement

Today, most of the water tank users have replaced conventional pump with electrical pumps. But they find it very inconvenient for the condition of water pump because there is no effective water level indication system. As a result, if mechanical sensor fails, there are a plenty of water waste as well as wastage of power consumed by motor pump. Solution of this problem is water tank level controller using water level sensor


Project model


Project model


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  11. pls help me to write the code for water level indicator using arm or msp430 microcontroller

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