Un conventinoal compressor


Energy is important factor in today’s world whatever it may be done without energy will be impossible one. We are executing this project using longitudinal vibration converted into kinetic energy by means of unconventional reciprocating compressor.

The ultimate aim of the project is to use unused kinetic energy as prime mover of our system. Normally automobile system consumes some energy from engine for Pneumatic operation . so that the engine brake horse power will be reduced.

In this project, we are using only undesirable energy without conventional automobile prime mover source.

This project will be very useful for hydraulic actuated  automobiles system because there is no air producing systems. In this case we are able to achieve whatever the pneumatic operation can be performed using this technology.

It can be used as a turbo charger when it is fed into air intake of the combustion engine.


un-conventinoal compressor

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