Online Book Store


In the existing system the customer needs to go directly to the merchant and purchase the books.Here all the transactions are done directly. It is a time consuming job. It is a Computerized system. The owner of the firm is automating the book stall with the help of a single system. It may time consuming as their is only one system to manage all the transactions in the shop. Books needed for the customer are purchased according to the order given. Outdated books are returned back to the dealer. When a customer came in need of a … Read the rest

Online travel agency


Our existing system is now computerized.Iin this we are having the facility of booking tour packages,vehicles according to users is time consuming  compared to our proposed system.we cant book our trip anytime we wants it is having some limitations. Because of these limitations we introduce new system ‘LOV DALE TRAVEL AGENCY’.


Our proposed system is Love Dale travel agency. This system intends to create website with some special features that are not included in existing system. Any user can view and book their package without any restrictions. This site intends to provide various tour packages, … Read the rest

Student Bulletin Board Management System


An Overview

The project entitled  “Student Bulletin Board Management System” aims at developing a Student Bulletin Board for students and teachers for sharing notes,news,questions, placement information, etc .The project has been developed with JSP as the Front End and Microsoft Access 2003 as the Back End .The project is prepaired to implement in Windows Xp platform. The project helps to maintain  all transaction between teachers and students.

Objective Of The Project

 The main objective of the project is to manage the time consumption and work burden will be reduced immensely . As a result of the detailed study carried … Read the rest

Online Matrimonial Site


Computers can play a major role in communication Facilities such as internet which enable communication between people .Internet has played a key role in communication, data transfer,exchange of ideologies,business data transfer etc.All the website related data exchange and communication is possible via internetworking of systems.

Our project called ‘MATCHMAKER.COM’,aimed for automating the present manual system.

The ‘MATCHMAKER.COM’ is intended for performing all the activities of the marriage bureau from the existing manual system to web based one.This  includes becoming a  member of the site,keeping user details,searching process and sending messages,viewing  messages,disabling profile if their date of validation has ended.… Read the rest



e-Friends is an organization built by Government for the people. In this fast world there was no time for waiting in the queue to pay the bills. But Friends help us to pay bills easily and take less time to pay bills. It works on Sunday also, so it is useful for the people. Friends are a union of six departments. This organization has no employees and the people who work in this are from each department. Moreover two persons for each department. ‘e-Friends’ allows the users to pay the bills through Internet.

The money we pay in this … Read the rest