The project entitled “ONLINE EXAMINATION” is aimed to conduct  examinations in an efficient manner without time wasting for the checking of paper. The main objective of our software is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves time but also give fast result. In this automated system there is no need of paper and pen. The user can write exam without going to the exam centre. Also the website will provide a good practice for the candidates who are preparing for the entrance examination.

The project contains two modules namely administrator, and … Read the rest



Onboard Data from the Launch Vehicle is transmitted to ground for assessing the performance of the Vehicle during Flight.  During Ground Checkout phases this data is available to Ground Checkout Systems as a Data Stream. This project aims at acquiring this data in real time using a Data Acquisition. The project is developed in Visual C++ with the Document View Architecture.  Separate threads are spawned for the data acquisition in real time. These threads will be running with High Priority, so that no data is missed. The Data collected by these threads will be stored in the TM Acquisition … Read the rest

E-Biller-a web based billing system


We mean to do by this project, a new system to handle the billing process in multi branch shops. Present day systems are able to handle this matter, but a large number of problems ware there. The main target of the project was to allow multi shop billing even when internet is not available temporarly.  E-Biller is a web based billing system.

This system deals with multi branched shops, ebiller provides a complete solution to all problems that arise in conventional internet based billing software. Most amazing fact about E-biller is its ability to work online and offline. Another … Read the rest

Bluetooth Home Automation


Our project is a wireless controlling of a home component, this is the main Idea.

The wireless communication system is Bluetooth peering between a client (mobile station in our case) & a server (LinkMatik 2.0 : Bluetooth module) which is connected directly to pic16f778 controller.

The home component we try to controlled:

  1.        4 DC motor represent 2 doors, window & fan
  2.        4 lights
  3.        Temperature sensor
  4.        Real clock timer.
  5.        LCD.



Bluetooth is a radio standard and communications protocol primarily designed for low power consumption, with a short range (power-class-dependent: 1 meter, 10 meters, 100 meters) based on low-cost … Read the rest

Citizen Card System


The Citizen Card System has been developed with a view to provide each citizen of our country with a unique id with which he can make use of all the services provided to him through our system.

It gives us certain  information about other citizens in our country. A Citizen has unique Id to find out the personal information in each and every department or service wherever a citizen goes. This information can be found out by the unique Id of the citizen. If any citizen wants to utilize the services or utilities by the Government or Private organizations … Read the rest