Background Verification of Employees & Analysis

Human Resource Management in PCS :

Personnel/Human Resource of an undertaking is its important constituent.Efficiency, Profitability and in fact the very existence of the undertaking will depend on this constituents. Co-operation and dedication in performance on the part of its personnel ends in the accomplishment of its objectives. Therefore human resource is of immense importance since it involves matters such as identifying, placing, evaluating, and developing individuals at work and maintaining effective multilateral communication systems. Human resources along with financial and material resources contribute to production of goods and services in an organization..

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The study was conducted to aces the employees retention¬† and their by knowing the job satisfaction of employees in the organization, lastly to support remedial measures to improve retention of employees. Employee job satisfaction and retention is the ultimate aim of any business. The business entirely depends on its employees for its survival and growth. Connemara tea factory is opted for this study because most of the companies around this area is not working well due to less job satisfaction and retention, this is the only company which is working well in this area, so I choose this company to … Read the rest