TOUCH ME NOT – For Playing Games-ECE Project


Everyone likes to enjoy their free time in a more effective way. It would be more interesting and joyful if we spend the time in playing games, solving puzzles etc. Touch me not is an interesting project that allows the user to upgrade his concentration and a relief providing game.

This project is mainly designed as Events to be conducted at Exhibitions, Fetes etc. This project seems to be easy but it includes different interfacings with the microcontroller. This project uses 89C51 microcontroller. Seven segment displays are provided in this project for the display of various parameters like chances, time etc.

In this project, the user will be provided with a maximum of five chances and a time limit up to 180 seconds to play the game. The operator sets the chances and time using switches. LEDs are used in this project to indicate the number of chances selected.

Three switches are used to set the chances, time and start the game. Seven segment displays are used to display the numbers i.e., chances, entered time and current time. Once the chances and time are set, the operator presses the enter switch to start the game. Once the game is started, the time starts decreasing and the user has to play the game within the given time. The game is to move the iron rod from one end of the rope to the other end without touching the rope. If the rod touches the rope, the chances will be decremented by one and the game continues until the time is completed or the chances are equal to zero.


After the game is completed, the operator can press the enter switch once again for the next participant to play the game with the same settings i.e.; time and chance values set previously or can press the reset switch to start with the new settings.

This project uses regulated 5V, 500mA power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac out put of secondary of 230/12V step down transformer.


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