Controlling Electrical Appliances through TV Remote


This is an interesting project built with an IR sensor and a decade counter. By using this project, one can control his lights / fans / AC / any electrical appliance with a TV Remote. CD4017 is a CMOS Decade counter. It can detect a clock pulse and the BCD out put will be incremented by one for each CLK pulse. If we observe the BCD numbers, the LSB (Least Significant Bit) of BCD complemented every time. This project uses this LSB to switch ON / OFF an electrical appliance.

TSOP1738 is a high sensitive IR receiver which can … Read the rest



Generally, in restaurants, auditoria and even homes, many a times  we forget to switch off the wash basin mirror lamp after use. So to rectify this problem we have designed a project named “Automatic wash basin mirror lamp controller”. This project automatically switches on the wash basin mirror lamp whenever a person stands in front of it and switch off the same after you move away from it, thereby saving energy.

This project consists of two sections i.e., infrared transmitter and receiver. The transmitter section  is built around two IC’s namely 555 IC1 and 555 IC2 and the receiver … Read the rest