Executive summary

 This research titled “Retention of employees in IT Company” has been done at

selected IT Companies of Bangalore. The research has been a result of recent increase in attrition. The problem is extremely acute in the IT sector, with employees joining and quitting in short periods. This study focuses on how effective can be the latest techniques used by IT sector in retaining their employees.

Chapters 2 explain the importance of this study in retaining talent at IT Companies. They give an overview of the IT sector. It also explains the objective of the study. It also includes retention program of various IT Companies .

The 3rd and 4th chapter concentrate on the design of the research. This research has adopted survey method. These chapters formulate a hypothesis. Enough research has been done previously on the same topic.

Chapter 3 is a compilation of research done by Met Life Group, Deloitte Group and various other research institutes. These studies have validated lot of practical issues and brought other areas of concern into light.

Data analysis and interpretation has been done in chapter 5. This chapter consolidates the whole data of satisfaction survey into pie charts and is followed by interpretation and inferences. It also includes the finding of the survey.

Chapter 6 summarizes the conclusions. It also includes certain recommendations been provided to the company in line with their capability and requirements.

The last chapter 7th includes a copy of the questionnaire and bibliography.

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