Topic of the study

 Study of the CII Human Resources Excellence Model as an increasingly                   important element of organizational performance management

 Objectives of the study

  •  To understand how the model helps improve human resources and performance practices, capabilities, by providing objective feedback for improvement for each applicant.
  • To understand how it facilitates communication and sharing of information in best practices within organization of all types.
  • To comprehend how the model acts as a tool for self-assessment by measuring the current status and thus identifies the gaps and stimulates solutions.
  • To understand how the model recognizes organizations for excellence in human resource practices and programs.

Scope of the study

This study is carried out as a research project. The application methods, the           assessment process and the feedback reports have been studied. For clarity, some companies that have gone through this process have also been studied.    


  • Potential applicants check the eligibility criteria for entry and requirements of the Award Secretariat.
  • Senior managers from industry are selected as Assessors. They should have undergone 4-day training programme on understanding the Award criteria and assessment process.
  • Applicants send 30 page (maximum) application document to CII.
  • Assessor’s team is appointed for each applicant. Assessors individually list strengths/opportunities for improvement and score in their own time. Team assembles at site to reach consensus score followed by the Site Visits to check the Validity of application and clarify issues. Application are re-scored and reports finalized.(Typically the whole process lasts for 3 to 4 days.)
  • Based on reports from the site-visits teams, Jurors decide on the winners of the Award, Prizes and Commendation Certificates.
  • Short listed companies from Regions will be reviewed by Jurors at National Level decide upon the winners of the Award at National Level.
  • The HR Excellence Award, Prizes and Commendations are presented to the winning applicants.
  • Senior Assessors (leaders of the Assessment Team) write Feedback Reports to all applicants identifying the strengths/opportunities for improvement. Score-ranges are also given for each criterion. On request, senior assessor visits applicant to discuss feedback report.

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