Student Bulletin Board Management System


An Overview

The project entitled  “Student Bulletin Board Management System” aims at developing a Student Bulletin Board for students and teachers for sharing notes,news,questions, placement information, etc .The project has been developed with JSP as the Front End and Microsoft Access 2003 as the Back End .The project is prepaired to implement in Windows Xp platform. The project helps to maintain  all transaction between teachers and students.

Objective Of The Project

 The main objective of the project is to manage the time consumption and work burden will be reduced immensely . As a result of the detailed study carried out , various objectives are formulated . There should  be an entry screen and report at every stage of  the application. Facility for the maintenance of all the tables facility to accept  validate and process data . Facility to generate all essential reports. Help should provided at each and every steps .Thus making user friendly. Validation checks must be performed at each and every level .Database  should be designed with minimum redundancy.

sample screen


System analysis is a logical process; the objective of this phase is not actually to solve the problem but to determine what must be done to solve the problem. The basic objective of the analysis stage is to develop the logical model of the system using tools such as the data flow diagram and elementary data description of the elementary algorithm. The logical model is Subject to review by both the management and the user who agree that the model does in fact reflect what should be done to solve the problem.

 System analysis is not a precise science. It is in fact more of an art, aided by scientific approach to find definition and recording data, gathering traditional structures is only one part of the system analysis, the next step is to examine the data, assess the situation and looking at the alternatives.

Advantages of proposed system

  •  Flexible and tolerable for future modification.
  • Operational performance improvement.
  • Secure and reliable database technology ensures systems are always available.
  • Above all it is user friendly and simple.

Feasibility Study

            The main objective of the feasibility study is to treat the technical, operational, logical and economic feasibility of developing the computerized system. All systems are feasible, given unlimited resources and infinite time. It is both necessary and prudent to evaluate the feasibility of the project at System study phase itself. The feasibility study to be conduced for this project involves.

                     1. Technical Feasibility

                     2. Operational Feasibility

                     3. Economic Feasibility

Technical Feasibility

                   Technical feasibility includes Risk Resources availability and technologies. The management provides latest hardware and software facilities for the successful completion of the projects. With these latest hardware and software support the system will perform extremely well. The system is available through Internet.

Operational Feasibility

                   In the existing manual system it is very difficult to maintain and update huge amount of information. The development of the system was started because of the requirement put forward by the management. This system, will handles the request in a better way and make the process easier thus, it is sure that the system developed is operationally feasible.

Economic Feasibility

                   In the economic feasibility the development cost of the system is evaluated weighing it against the ultimate benefit derived from the new system. It is found that the benefit, from the new system would be more than the cost and time involved in its development.

Full Report

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