Robotic Arm with Base Rotation, Elbow and Wrist Motion with Functional Gripper


In recent years, the definition of a robot is generally used to mean an unmanned system or automation, as often seen in industrial applications, deep sea planetary probes. Historically speaking, a robot used to be shaped like humans, and referred to as machines and electric systems that were capable of performing similar actions as humans. It is these robots that play active roles in comic magazines, animation and science fiction. Because they are artificially created, they are called “artificial man”. And since they look like humans in appearance, they are often called “androids” or “humanoids.” A “cyborg,” created by combining organisms and machines, can be called a robot in a broad sense. “Aotomata” and other similarities could be considered a robot in it’s earliest stage.

In this highly developing society; time and man power are critical constrains for completion of task in large scales. the automation is playing important role to save human efforts in most of the regular and frequently carried works e.g. most of the industrial jobs like welding, painting, assembly, container filling etc. one of the major and most commonly performed work is picking and placing of jobs from source to destination. For this purpose, ‘pick and place robot ‘maybe used.

The pick and place robot is a mechatronic system that detects the object, picks that object from source location and places at desired location. For detection of object, infrared sensors are used which detect presence of object as the transmitter to receiver path for infrared sensor is interrupted by placed object. As soon as robot senses presence of object, it moves towards object, picks it with end effectors, and places it on destination. If another object causes interrupt, it again does the same job.


  1. The arm is having three joints same as human arm (wrist movement, elbow movement, shoulder movement)
  2. We have four switches to control the position of the arm. Along with one supply on / off switch.  Initially we will assume the rest position of entire system, i.e. state when no object is placed.
  3. Each control switch is having two functions. If it is operated in one direction arm will move in one direction and vice versa.
  4. Each movement is controlled with a motor through switch.
  5. Motors are being supplied with four nippo heavy duty batteries.
  6. For understanding operation, let us rename the two motors used here. Let the name motor be M1, Now as object is placed, control switch sw1 is operated to control the motor in one direction it moves motor M1 in say clockwise direction due to which whole arm moves towards picking platform. As it reaches there, sw1 operating has to be stopped and now the same sw1 is operated in anti-clockwise direction to hold the object by closing jaw.
  7. In the same way the other three control switches are being operated to control the motor speed and arm position.




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