Recruitment and Selection aim to search and hire suitable candidate to fill vacancies in SBCGT with the view to satisfying human resources needs. The search may be internal and/or external.

Any position within SBCGT that become vacant will be filled, on completion of a requisition form by the immediate supervisor. Restructured on newly created positions will only be activated upon approval from the board.

The success and adaptability of a Company depends upon the recruitment of employees who are flexible, adaptable and committed to the success of the SBCGT.


This section aims to promote and maintain high standards of professional recruitment practice by encouraging recruiters to adhere to best practices.

Its purposes are to:

  • Ensure that recruitment is considered an essential part of the human resource
  • Strategy and consequently an integral part of the overall business strategy;
  • Ensure and explain best practice for all types of recruitment;
  • Maintain professional standards whether recruits are easy to find;
  • Ensure that equality of opportunity is considered an integral part of good recruitment practices and procedure;

Recruitment Authorization Procedure


All authorisation procedure detailed below must be completed prior to the commencement on any recruitment procedure.

  • Prior to the employment of any employee the Employment Authorization Form (Appendix 2) must be completed.
  • The employment of all individuals for budgeted positions within SBCGT must be authorised by the Department Head and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Employment of Personnel to the position of Manager of Departments will require the authorisation of the Chief Executive Officer.

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