The past four decades has been a period in which have seen revolutionary changes happening in our countrywide, for wind energy resources development projects. Beside a huge number of small irrigation and wind power schemes, more than 3000 large and small projects of wind mill have been constructed all over the country. All structures/project harnessing water need gates for controlling the flow and such a large number of small and big gates of different types had to be indigenously designed and manufactured. The design and fabrication of such a project has consequently undergone considerable development since hydro electric and other power project large number of crisis and has enabled to think about other resources of the environment to fabricate wind blades to produce wind based alternate power sources at difficult situations.

The project work is titled as “POWERGENERATION AND IRRIGATION BY USING WINDMIL”which includes various components of windmill such as rotor, anemometer, generators, furling and shutdown systems, etc

demo of the system


A mechanical engineering project by Josemon , Vishnu, Jibin and Nidhin






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