Portable Collapsible Motorized Golf Cart


A portable collapsible golf cart vehicle adapted for use on a golf fairway and collapsible for storage and transport. A scooter-type vehicle having a steering mechanism and rear propelling mechanism in which the steering mechanism includes a steering column coupled with a steering handle for rotation of the steering column. A pivotal connection is provided for pivotally connecting and locking the steering mechanism in one position during propelling of the vehicle and in another position for storage of the vehicle. The mechanism includes a pivotal unit and a rear wheel with the pivotal unit being in a first position for use in a scooter vehicle and in a second position for storage in the compact condition.
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  • FIG. 1 is a side view of a scooter-type vehicle ready for use with golf clubs shown in their position in a golf club container;
  • FIG. 2 is a rear side view of the vehicle of FIG. 1 in a compact or reduced size condition; and
  • FIG. 3 is a rear view of the vehicle of FIG. 1, and as shown in FIG. 2, already in a compact condition.
The invention provides for a simplified transport motor vehicle using a scooter frame provided with only two wheels, and a separate, accompanying housing for the golf bag and clubs. This results in a lower cost and ease of manufacture, as well as reduction in the vehicle weight and dimension and, during non-use, provides for a movement of its parts into a compact form to enable storage as well as a reduction in size of the frame compartment, to place the motor vehicle into the storage area or trunk of a passenger automobile-type motor vehicle.A feature of the invention generally includes its particular linear frame on which the player can ride and carry the required golf clubs and other necessary materials, and the scooter-type vehicle provides for the proper support of the player.

In order to propel the vehicle, the player grasps the handle-bar and removes a vehicle stabilization device which is activated when stopping the vehicle and brings one foot which is on one side of the scooter on the support base thereof, and the user places himself with the posterior part of his body against the support part or seat while holding the vehicle in a slightly slanting position by means of the other foot on the ground to determine a balancing condition. The player then starts to drive by gripping the handle-bar to accelerate a drive motor and brings the foot which is still on the ground onto the other support base which is on the other side of the scooter frame for determining and providing a balanced disposition and, consequently, the advancement of the scooter-type vehicle. At the end, to stop this movement, the player or user brings, in the following sequence, the placement of his two feet onto the ground and the scooter-type vehicle is placed into a stopped position.

The scooter-type vehicle generally includes a frame made from three basic parts which move into overlapping relationship relative to each other for achieving a reduction in size.

To these ends, the present invention consists in the provision of a motorized golf cart in the form of a scooter-type vehicle having a pair of wheels, one of which is a rear wheel and the other of which is a front wheel, and one of the wheels is a steering wheel for steering the scooter-type vehicle with the wheels aligned along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle in the direction of travel, and includes a frame having three basic parts; one of the parts being a linear scooter having an upper pair of parallel support bases for the feet of the user, a front part bearing on a pin joint provided on the steering column to permit movement of the steering column from a normal conventional use position to a storage position and a lower down portion integral with the wheel hub for a front wheel and an upper part provided with a telescoping steering column with a handle-bar. A posterior part includes a motorized unit for rotating the other or rear wheel. An area proximate to the seat or support part is provided for carrying a kit container and a golf bag container for the clubs, and a support for the player. The support and player support are used to support the rear portion of the scooter vehicle in its folded and stored condition.


Portable Collapsible Motorized Golf Cart

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