In this study I have tried to find out the perception of the Employees about Performance Management System. Employees have their different perception, by analyzing the responses given by them I have given some suggestions. Sample size of 50 has been taken. In the survey both Executives and Non-executives were taken. Questionnaires were designed in such a way that it was easy to understand and both Executives and Non-Executives can fill it.

In the study 86% were Executives and 14% were Non-Executives, 80% were Male Employees and 20% were Female Employees. The age group was mainly between 45-55.

Questions were mainly Structured in the form of YES or NO, Ranking and Rating questions were used, suggestions for improving Performance Management System were also asked in the questionnaires. Before making the final questionnaires testing of the questionnaire was also done which help in knowing the problem faced by the respondent i.e- may be some questions were not clearly understand, or meaning of the question was not clear.

Following are some criteria which were taken into consideration while designing the questionnaires:-

  •  Simple Language was used.
  •  Questions were not subjective.
  •  Ambiguous Questions were avoided.
  •  Questions were arranged in a logical order.
  •  Complicated Questions were avoided.

In this study questions were asked taking the objective of the study in mind, and  from which correct analysis can be done and exact perception of the employees can be  known.


The study was  Perceptional Analysis of the Employees about Performance ManagementSystem.

Objective of the study are: –

  • Awareness of the employees towards the Performance Appraisal System.
  • To find out that the employees were satisfied with the Performance Appraisal System.
  • Was the Performance Appraisal System affective or not.
  • What criteria were taken into consideration during Promotion?
  • To provide suggestions for the improvement of the Performance Appraisal System.

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