The project is used to operate the water pipe for hand washing purpose through the easy operation of pressing the pedal. The pedal is easily operate able in any persons even children also use this. This equipment  is automatic so this project is very useful for using on hotels, restaurents, public areas and home uses.


This project consists the following parts

  •  Water tank
  •  Solenoid valve
  •  Water pipe
  •  Wash tray
  •  Pedal
  •  Limit switch
  •  Control unit


The water tank is fixed on the top of this equipment which is used to store the water, the solenoid valve fixed below the water tank and it have two ports one is connected to the main pipe another one is connected to the water outlet pipe. The center of the equipment contains the wash tray arrangement for collecting the used water (waste water) the wash tray arrangement’s backside have a pipe for exit the used water to out. The bottom of the equipment have pedal and spring arrangement and also have a limit switch on the bottom of the pedal. When the pedal is pressed the pedal’s bottom part press the limit switch then the limit switch is provide the instruction to the control unit and the control unit operates the solenoid valve then the water comes out for hand washing whenever we need water just press the pedal to get the water from this equipment. This equipment is an easily operated so anyone can operate this equipment so this is applicable for hotels, restaurants and homes.


  • Reduces the water wastage
  • Easy to handle
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly reliable
  • Low cost


  •  Water is filled on the tank is manual


  • Used in hotels
  • Used in restaurants
  • Used in homes, etc,..
Pedal operated wash basin


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    Solenoid valve IS available in Tirunelveli.

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