Internal Grinding in Lathe

                                       DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF INTERNAL GRINDING ATTACHMENT IN LATHE BY USING ELECTRICAL MOTOR is made up of mild steel material.  The base of machine is holed centrally and it is attached with compound rest of lathe.  The motor is engaged with base plate.  The whole construction of machine is placed on the base plate.  The base plate is drilled centrally, and attached with the compound rest of lathe.

                                      The grinding tool is screwed to the main spindle which is driven through the V belt drive transmission from the motor.  This motor with the belt drive mechanism is mounted in base … Read the rest

Automatic Cooling System

The project is to introduce automatic cooling unit instead of manual cooling process through design and fabricating the reservoir of the unit. Automatic cooling unit is a system typically delivers a controlled amount of coolant to specific locations on a machine while the machine is operating, at specific times from a central location. when the temperature at the work piece is increased above the reference temperature, the automatic coolant unit will activate and automatically pumps coolant and will reduce the temperature.

The temperature sensor or thermistor is placed near to the tool or work piece, as a result the thermistor … Read the rest

Wake On Lan


The problem is to find a way to turn on other machines in a local area network. The Solution is known as Wake On LAN. Wake On Lan a.k.a WOL is a mechanism with which a network Interface Card (NIC) could turn a machine on by receiving a special packet (MAGIC PACKET) through the LAN.

The packet is sent by a simple program executed on another computer on the same local area network. Wake-on-LAN is also known as Wake on LAN, WOL, or sometimes WoL. It may also be known as Remote Wake-Up or RWU.

If the network … Read the rest

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