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Our existing system is now computerized.Iin this we are having the facility of booking tour packages,vehicles according to users is time consuming  compared to our proposed system.we cant book our trip anytime we wants it is having some limitations. Because of these limitations we introduce new system ‘LOV DALE TRAVEL AGENCY’.


Our proposed system is Love Dale travel agency. This system intends to create website with some special features that are not included in existing system. Any user can view and book their package without any restrictions. This site intends to provide various tour packages, vehicle details, booking information, customer suggestions and also provide additional features such as photo gallery, information about house boats available. One of the main features of this site is to provide online booking of various tour packages as well as vehicles.

Advantages of proposed system

  • User Friendly Environment

The user interface is designed to be friendly to the user in that every item on   the page is easy to interact with, and awesome animations are exposed using ASP.NEtcontrols.

  • Online booking service

The user can book their packages or vehicles by online without going to the agency.

  • Efficient in terms of time

Since no direct interaction is needed. A lot of time can be saved. Instead of arguments    user can select his choice from a list of options.

  • Reliability

The existing system of this agency followed is a very time consuming process for the user. The      website makes solution for all these troubles and gives a maximum value for the requirements of the customers like selecting appropriate packages. This makes it makes fast and reliable.

  • Ready availability of data and information.

Anytime service without depression, mental or physical fatigue. The user can book the travel agency services at anytime from anywhere.

  • Security and privacy

Security and privacy are other important features. Through login form data can be accessed only by preventing illegal users. All data’s are protected with password and the administrator can only access the data and make decision easily.

  • Easy access of information

In the proposed system the reservation details of hotels are stored in the database. So the hotel admin can easily access the details about the persons and the user will get the details about the available rooms. The user will also get different tourist spots in Idukki. Hence it minimize the time for searching about a particular tourist place. Since it is a web based application, it can be accessed any time from any part of world

  • Provide facility of giving feedback administrator

The project is providing the facility of giving a feedback to the administrator about the places who visited different places in Idukki which help authority to know the opinions and make corresponding changes in the area of tourism.

  • Offers online room reservation system

The web page has the most beneficial feature that is an online hotel reservation system. It enables a user to book a particular room in a hotel which is registered in this website. So that all the manual reservation processes can be avoided. Thus the visitors need not to be concerned about their accommodation when they reach Idukki. Also they need not to be worried about the transportation facility since most of the hotels provide this facility. This facility is very useful for the user and the hotel administrators.

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