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In the existing system the customer needs to go directly to the merchant and purchase the books.Here all the transactions are done directly. It is a time consuming job. It is a Computerized system. The owner of the firm is automating the book stall with the help of a single system. It may time consuming as their is only one system to manage all the transactions in the shop. Books needed for the customer are purchased according to the order given. Outdated books are returned back to the dealer. When a customer came in need of a particular book, the owner should first of all search that whether it is available or not. After finding the books he has to calculate the rate by checking the details and have to fill the receipt. The process is time consuming and chance of error is high.

Limitations of the Existing System

  • Direct Transaction

In the existing system all the transactions are done  face to face. If a customer need to purchase a book the he has to approach the shop  and buy it.

  • Payment by cash

After getting a book searched, the customer need to pay the bill by cash. The use of credit card is not possible here.

  • Manual supervision causes wastage of time

There will be time lagging between transaction as there is only a single system to automate the whole dealings.

  • Time limited access

The book stall could be accessed only in the working hours. The customer needs to wait for the  shop to be open.


The proposed system provides facilities to access the book system from anywhere in the community. The customer can visit the site and purchase the book according to their requirements. The main advantage of the system is that all transactions can be done through a common network. Many features of e-commerce have been implemented here. Thus making it more economical.

The existing system has certain limitations than a web based system. In order to wipe out those limitations in the computerized system, we introduced a web based system. This will be able to meet all the requirements of the user. The proposed system will be able to implement easily. In this system there is no need of keeping files or records by the administrator. He can keep the records in the computer system itself and can be shared among networks. The user is able to acces all the information at any point of time.

Almas online book store provides a user friendly interface and performs operations according to the user’s request. Almas allows the user to view any type of books available ,searching for a particular book based on name ,author ,language, publication etc..and the user can also purchase books based on his/her requirement. Inorder to purchase a particular book, the user should have an account. The user can register directly to our site by filling an online registration form. After registration, the user can log in to the site by using the username and password  created during registration. Only the registered user have the permission to purchase books from Almas online book store.

The main five modules included in the project :







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