Mechanical Projects -Vertical Lift Mechanism the Kattwyk Bridge

Mechanical Projects Abstracts

 This Mechanical projects presentation is  a model and a  simplified version of  Kattwyk  Bridge and has   been  made  under the constraints of space, time and resources  available  in  the  lab.The  Bridge mechanism has been divided  in three sections.The central  section  lifts  above,while the two side parts remain intact with the supporting   angles. The lift mechanism used for the bridge is based on the  pulley  system  involving three pulleys. A string  is passed through the two pulleys on either  side of  middle section and the pulley at  the center synchronizes the   motion  of  two pulleys  and makes  the motion centralized.

Mechanical Engineering Projects
Mechanical projects on The Kattwyk Bridge demo

The  angles are used  to restrict  the  motion  of central  section  allowing  only  the   motion  in  vertical  direction  to occur  and provide the stability  to the   bridge   structure.  A chain  is  also  used  to   stop   the   central  section  at  any   desired  height depending  on  the height of ship assuming a real  case   situation  thus saving  the  power. The mechanism  used  to  lift  the central section  is  due  to  the constraint of not using any electric motor or gears. In real case  situation, the  power can be  given  by  electric motors and cables  can  be  used.  The   four  bridge  supporting  angles  that connect  the  three sections of  the  bridge will  actually  go  till  the  bottom  surface of  the   river.

Motivation behind the Mechanical Projects

 The motivation behind this Mechanical projects Presentation Topics is the KATTWYK BRIDGE, HAMSBERG,  GERMANY.   The bridge was built in 1972.  The bridge has a unique  feature  that  it based on the “Vertical Lif t Mechanism”,  its middle (movable)part lifts to give way to the ship passing  by thus  maintaining  waterways transport. Till  now  no bridge such has been built  in India.

Estimated Cost for the Mechanical Projects

  • Labor   charges:   Unskilled:  Rs.800  Skilled: Rs.40
  • Overall cost  of  the  Mechanical projects :  Rs.1484
  • Overhead  cost: Rs 135
  • Total  cost  of   materials  used: Rs. 433
  • Electricity  charges:  Rs. 76  (for  1  Hr.)

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Mechanical projects
Project Abstracts

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  1. rushy says:

    HI sir i am impressed with this this project i would like to take this project for my 3rd yr mini project the oly doubt is wats the use of the chain hanging over there and is there any other way to contact u…..

    • admin says:

      its bridge and the bridge can be lift upwards for the passage of ships…thats the use of chains…when the ship moves under the bridge,with the help of chains the bridge again making passage for the road vehicles..hope you understood..

      • nidhin says:

        sir i hav also interested to do this as my nini project…………. and pls tell me wats the exact working principle and is the pictur that shown above gv me sme dbt sir the part behind the bridge that shown in the pictr is in working???????? pls gv me the solution

  2. logesh says:

    admin,im doing 3rd mech …im interesting in doin tis project. can yo send me all info and fabrication abt tis project to my id pls i want it soon…

  3. arun says:

    hi sir..can u post photos of this model in various angles?

  4. Saravanan says:

    I have done this one as my Engineering mini projects and i got a very good remarks from my professor..Thanx to Site admin

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    Airline valves available sizes are M5, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2.

  7. mark says:

    sir..i just want to know the pulley is hand operated or automatic………and can we use ball bearing mechanism for this ….and how does the pulley exactly works

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  10. vijayakumar says:

    sir, what type of cables used in this project and what type of pulley is used for this project

    if you don’t mind please tell the full details about your project ( material name and dimensions,pulley size )

  11. Lijalem says:

    Mechanical bottle jack design procedure

  12. Joyaljohn says:

    Can u please sent the design procedure of kattwyk bridge and more detail about it

  13. g.suresh says:

    i am mech 3 yr please given mini project for mail id sent please

  14. kumar says:

    can u tel me on which area the the design calculation is to be focused?can i get the design calculation for it?

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    Wt s the cost of ths project
    Kattwyk Bridge demo

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