Mechanical Puller

Pulling process is the lifeline for any industry.  Machines in various industries like textile, printing, machine tools, automobile industries and excavators are to be pulled in order to reduce the man powered humming process created between Rotating parts.  If machines Parts are not properly pulled in industries they are seized thus incurring heavy losses.  The bearings may wear out easily due to improper Pulling process and thus reduce the efficiency of works.

In the early years of industrial revolution pulling of tools was anything but systematic.  But as more and more sophisticated machinery were developed a whole range of pullers were delivered to the heavy works in the quantities and at speeds appropriate to the situation.

Detachable bearing pullers provide an efficient means for the removal of gears, bearings, wheels, pulleys and other press fit parts.  Screw and nut methods controlled means of applying force without the need for hammering, heating.


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