90 Degree Steering System With High Torque Dc Motor- Mechanical Projects

90 Degree Steering System With High Torque Dc Motor

This Project Deals about the design oriented challenges that come in the way of designing a 4 wheel robot that uses Differential Steering for taking turns (left and right) or to make a Complete 90 Degree in-place (pivot) rotation (zero-radius turning). Attention to some basic details can help a beginner to make an efficient robot without loss of much energy and torque.

There are many approaches that can be followed for steering a 4 wheel robot, such as the famous car-type steering (Ackerman steering), Cab-Drive SteeringOmni Directional wheels and the Differential Steering method, where the speed of the wheels is altered to change the direction or to take turns.

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Ackerman and Cab-Drive steering requires complex design and additional drivers, servos and logic to control the robot, we will see these modes of steering in the later tutorials, For the beginners perspective it is good to start with the basic Differential Steering method, which for a simple model usually does not require any additional  motors or mechanism.

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