Onboard Data from the Launch Vehicle is transmitted to ground for assessing the performance of the Vehicle during Flight.  During Ground Checkout phases this data is available to Ground Checkout Systems as a Data Stream. This project aims at acquiring this data in real time using a Data Acquisition. The project is developed in Visual C++ with the Document View Architecture.  Separate threads are spawned for the data acquisition in real time. These threads will be running with High Priority, so that no data is missed. The Data collected by these threads will be stored in the TM Acquisition Class.

Screen shot 3-Lift off

 The Project aims at an animated display of the Launch Vehicle Model during various Simulation Flight Runs. The Vehicle attitudes viz. angular displacements about the pitch, yaw and roll axes as well as Linear Displacements and Vehicle Commands will be used for achieving this. The Data acquired will be processed and transferred to the Document Class.  A Timer will periodically update the Display Views. Three Views derived from CView are provided for Display. They are Grid Display, Graph Display and Animation Display.  OpenGL API is used for realizing the PSLV Vehicle Model and for providing animations.


            Requirement Specification provides the developer and the customer with the means of access quality once the software is built. It is a software engineering task that bridges the gap between system level software allocation and software design. A requirement is a feature that must be included in the new system. It enables the System Engineer to specify the software functions and performance, indicates the software interface with other system elements and establish design constraints that the software must meet.


           This system is used to monitor the launch of PSLV and to show the stage separation with the help of an animated model of rocket. It also shows graph and grid display to show the path of the rocket. In the existing system switching between the windows is done using command prompt which is difficult to handle.

The difficulties of the system are:

  • Not  much user friendly
  • Difficult to control by giving command
  • Not better animation.


          In the proposed system the same functions as that of existing system are provided. Also provision for playback are provided using database. For implementing animation, OpenGL is used. The proposed system use Window to implement the above specified application. The use of Window makes the application user friendly and platform independent.

Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2- Initial screen

The advantages of proposed system over existing system are:

  • It is much more user friendly
  • It is easy to control using mouse than keyboard
  • It provides better animation using OpenGL
  • Platform independent
Screen shot 4-pitch starts


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