Internal Grinding in Lathe

                                       DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF INTERNAL GRINDING ATTACHMENT IN LATHE BY USING ELECTRICAL MOTOR is made up of mild steel material.  The base of machine is holed centrally and it is attached with compound rest of lathe.  The motor is engaged with base plate.  The whole construction of machine is placed on the base plate.  The base plate is drilled centrally, and attached with the compound rest of lathe.

                                      The grinding tool is screwed to the main spindle which is driven through the V belt drive transmission from the motor.  This motor with the belt drive mechanism is mounted in base plate.

                                      The job to be ground is fixed in the lathe chuck.  The chuck will be rotated at the front side.  The swivel base is fixed over the tool post.  The feed is given by carriage at the same time the depth of cut is given by swivel base by moving the cross slide.

The stone is fixed in the spindle and rotated by motor.  The saddle is moved from the metal removing operation in the job






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  1. H.Mohammed Faizal says:

    i want the full report for cylindrical grinding attachment to the lathe for diploma project

  2. Mounica says:

    excuse me I need complete information about an engine working with fuel of compressed air. I think that u will consider my request. thank you

  3. suresh kumar says:

    I need a full report for cylindrical grinding attachment to the lathe for au mini project

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