Impact of training and development programs conducted in organizations


This research is conducted in order to measure the impact of training and development programs conducted in organizations. In order to conduct this research the system level audit was used. The need for this study arose because companies invest a lot into the training programs. The ROI obtained from training programs conducted must be sufficiently high in order to justify the amount spent on training the employees of an organization.

The objective of this research is to use the system level audit in order to measure the effectiveness of training programs. This is done in order to identify the shortcomings of the existing training and development programs and to improve upon them

The findings of the study can be summed up as the following. Training and development programs are gaining more significance in the industry. Care should be taken in order to ensure that proper need identification is conducted before any training program is designed. The company should make it a point to employ the best trainers in the industry to conduct the programs.

In order to improve the effectiveness of training programs, employees must also contribute while designing the training programs. Proper motivation should be provided to employees to attend the training programs. The training programs must be designed in such away that it not only imparts technical knowledge and skill but also leadership skills and human competencies.

The following recommendations were given in light of the research conducted. Proper training facilities must be in place in order to sustain creativity. Emphasis must be given to leadership and total quality. Experimental learning techniques must be used in the training programs. The communication channels must be very effective for any training to have an impact on the individual.

Self learning by employees must be encouraged in the company. This will create a learning environment. Impact evaluations must be used in order to effectively improve the training programs. A chance must be given to the managers to perform different tasks in order to attain the various competencies.

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