Hand Gesture Based Wheel Chair Movement Control for the Disabled


Robotics has been of interest to mankind for over hundred years. However our perception of robots has been influenced by the media and Hollywood. The vast majority of robots do have several qualities in common. First of all, almost all robots have a movable body. Some only have motorized wheels, and others have dozens of movable segments, typically made of metal or plastic. Like the bones in your body, the individual segments are connected together with joints.

This project is designed with base rotation, elbow and wrist motion with a functional gripper to hold objects. The uniqueness of this project is, this can be controlled by a mobile phone from a remote place using DTMF signaling through GSM network.

Now when we dial the numbers in the mobile phone from the controlling side then it automatically recognizes which number has been recorded and it follows with the corresponding next step to be taken i.e., movement of the robot. This Project uses DTMF Decoder which is controlled by a battery and in turn is connected to the mobile phone. This is controlled by the controller and is again connected to the driver circuit for driving the motor.

This project uses 12V rechargeable battery. This project is much useful for industrial and Research Applications.

Block diagram









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