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“Agricultural Robot” an Electronics Projects

Project Abstract

In this Final Year Engineering Projects, the purpose of the project is to build a multipurpose agricultural robot which can perform various operations on the field. One of the important profession in India is farming so it is essential to look out for automation in field work to reduce manpower. Here this project focuses on farming work features like an automatic irrigation system, monitoring of the field using several parameters like temperature, soil moisture, humidity, raining and presence of any animal on the field. All these parameters are monitored from the field and transmitted to the mobile unit using GSM module. As well as here we analyze disease spread on the plant using interfacing of camera and image processing technique by taking a sample of the leaf. This analyzed disease is displayed on GUI interface where remotely we monitoring field using this electronics engineering projects.

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In this project, we can cover the four topics. They are:

Automatic irrigation system

In the field of agriculture, use of a proper method of irrigation is very important from a yield point of view and scarcity of water. This system introducing automatic irrigation system by using a PIC18F4520 controller, Various sensors were used to detect need of water supply to the field as soil moisture sensor and raindrop sensor. For wireless communication between the robot and farmer, GSM module was used which gives transmits the status of sensors as well as receives commands from GSM to turn on and off the pump motor.

Raindrop sensor and soil moisture sensor gives information about moisture level of the soil which will then transmitted to mobile through SMS using GSM module. The farmer can give command using simple SMS to ON and OFF the water supply pump according to reading taken from sensor to the field. This whole operation is wireless and remotely operated for automation in irrigation system


In the proposed system, separate weeding robot is introducing having cutter blades are fitted below robot for cutting unwanted grass in the crop. When the level of grass is increasing above specific level then the cutter robot start weeding operation using IR transmitter and receiver. For that three motors is used, two motors for the robot and one for cutting bled. This reduces the manpower as well as time.

Remote monitoring system

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of a large number of wireless sensor devices working collaboratively to achieve a common objective is to check current status of the farm and according to that whole information is collected and display on LCD as well as transmitted to mobile unit using GSM n displays on GUI model for controlling purpose. Using this proposed system we can monitor farm from remote location also can be controlled using giving a command. The sensors used are as follow:

  1. Motion sensor
  2. Soil moisture sensor
  3. Temperature sensor
  4. Raindrop sensor

Disease detection

In the agricultural field, protection of crop from various disease is an important factor, so this system used to analyze disease for which camera is placed above robot on the field. Plant leaves diseases detection is used captured images for diseases detection. Image processing considers four basic types of images for processing. They are:

  1. RGB Image: This is a collection of three primary colours M x N matrices: Red, Green and Blue. All these matrices contain the range between 0 and 255.
  2. Indexed Image: This is a combination of two M x N matrices with an indexed image using G grey levels. This matrix has intensity values between 1 and infinity.
  3. The intensity or grayscale image: A grayscale image is also called as intensity images because of the matrix values are represented by intensity. It has only one image matrix and the matrix contains the values between zero and 1.
  4. Binary Image: It has only one image matrix and the range of the values between 1 and 0.

Proposed Work

As irrigation is the main part of agriculture. Labor-saving and water-saving technology is a key issue in irrigation. The microcontroller based automatic plant irrigation system allows a simple and low-cost method for irrigating the crops automatically. In the proposed system we use GSM technology. Here we have four sensors are soil moisture and raindrop sensor for irrigation purpose and temperature, motion to monitor and also control the agriculture parameters. When any of these sensors generates a low signal, the controller enables the GSM modem to send the message of the particular parameter and display the status of sensors on LCD. The farmer can give command through GSM to ON/OFF the pump motor as per the input data from the sensor. GSM is used to inform the user about the exact field condition. The information is given on user request in form of SMS. GSM modem can be controlled by a standard set of AT (Attention) commands. These commands can be used to control a majority of the functions of GSM modem and the sensing data will be displayed on the LCD.

Motion or PIR sensor is based on the basic principle of pyroelectricity, the Certain crystalline material has property to generate a surface electric charge when exposed to thermal infrared radiation. This principle is used in a presented system where PIR sensor detects radiation exerted by the human or animal body. This presence of lives on the farm may harmful to crops so controller commands to blow the alarm and send a message to the farmer about presence.

When unwanted grass is present between crops, many efforts requires for cutting so to reduce this manpower another feature designed is weeding. Cutter robot use blades to cut grass and is also protect our crops to cut down by using IR sensors which detect crop if came in between cutting path then the robot will turn 90̊and continue to cut the grass.

Another important feature added in this electronics projects is disease detection. as in agricultural field farmer have to face loss if the farm is affected by some disease, then pesticides should be spread over the farm on time for which disease should recognize to the farmer on correct time before any loss. Our project introducing disease detection using image processing technology, the camera is placed on robot section on the field which captures leaf sample and sends it to remotely placed monitor through GSM. For the graphical interface to the user we were used GUI where leaf sample is converted to the binary image, some disease affected reference samples are available with which captured image is compared and disease is detected so that farmer can spread pesticides over crops.

Block Diagram

Final Year Engineering Projects

Block diagram: Agricultural Robot

Project Results

Final year engineering projects

Cutter robot Model

Final year engineering projects

Leaf Sample Picture

Final year electronics engineering projects

Monitoring robot Model



  1. The proposed systems have remotely controlled which reduces the man efforts, wastage of water as well as power consumption.
  2. Use of technology in the field of agriculture plays important role in increasing the production.
  3. SMS based remote control for irrigation pump is beneficial for the human generation because mobile is most recently used technology nowadays.
  4. This system also used for automatically grass cutting by using the cutter.
  5. The disease can be detected after testing of leaf sample.

Advantages of Agricultural Robot

  1. This system reduces the manpower and saves the time.
  2. The main purpose of this system is to find out the proper requirements of the crop.
  3. Mechanical weeding is done easily.
  4. This system can find disease using weather conditions and soil, leaf sample.
  5. It can monitor the farm using the camera and sends data to remotely placed the monitoring system for controlling using GSM.
  6. Automatically plant irrigation can be done.

Disadvantages of Agricultural Robot

  1. No any protection provided to robot in raining

Future Scope

  1. The performance of the system can be further improved in terms of the speed, memory capacity.
  2. The system can be modified with the use of some additional features such as seed plantation, spraying of pesticides.


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