Evaluation of Recruitment and Selection Process in Selected Retail Outlets

Problem Statement

People are the most important asset of any organization and the success of that organization depends on having people with the right skills and abilities. To make sure that the right people are recruited in the first place, a fair, structured and professional selection process must be used. Poor selection decisions can result in increased staff turnover, increased costs for the organization, the lowering of morale amongst the existing staff and legal claims against the organization.

Thus it is important to conduct a survey to evaluate the current Recruitment and Selection process to ensure that the right talent is attracted and retained. Retail industry is a booming industry next only to IT/ITES and has a vast potential to offer employment at all levels.

Need and Importance of the study

Retailing involves a direct interface with the customer and the coordination of business activities from end to end. With the focus being not just on the final act of selling but on the provision of a ‘Unique Shopping Experience’; the right kind of frontline sales personnel (Customer Service Associate – CSA) has become a necessity.

Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection procedure in various industries across various designations but not much emphasis has been paid to the front line sales personnel who are the key employees in the retail industry. These people are the bridge between the organization and the consumers and it is essential to have “retail fit” employees to have a competitive edge and advance in the industry. Thus, considering the importance of front line sales personnel in the retail industry, this study aims to evaluate the Recruitment and Selection of the same so as to ensure that the right talent gets into the industry.

Objectives of the study  

•  The prime objective of the project is to study the existing Recruitment and Selection Process in the Retail Industry

•  The focus would be, not just to study the Recruitment and Selection Process of the frontline sales personnel but also to evaluate the effectiveness of the Recruitment and Selection Process.

•  Having evaluated the existing Recruitment Process, the objective would also be to provide suitable recommendations to the organization for further improvisation of the system.


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