The project entitled “ONLINE EXAMINATION” is aimed to conduct  examinations in an efficient manner without time wasting for the checking of paper. The main objective of our software is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves time but also give fast result. In this automated system there is no need of paper and pen. The user can write exam without going to the exam centre. Also the website will provide a good practice for the candidates who are preparing for the entrance examination.

The project contains two modules namely administrator, and … Read the rest



Onboard Data from the Launch Vehicle is transmitted to ground for assessing the performance of the Vehicle during Flight.  During Ground Checkout phases this data is available to Ground Checkout Systems as a Data Stream. This project aims at acquiring this data in real time using a Data Acquisition. The project is developed in Visual C++ with the Document View Architecture.  Separate threads are spawned for the data acquisition in real time. These threads will be running with High Priority, so that no data is missed. The Data collected by these threads will be stored in the TM Acquisition … Read the rest

GLOBAL FASHION NETWORK-Computer Science Project


GLOBAL FASHION NETWORK is an online database of information about the models, new fashion trends, latest news and upcoming events popular within the fashion industry. It includes complete information about the models and clients. .the site acts as a fashion model agency where the clients can find suitable models for their work such as tv shoots, ads etc.

The site holds the information about the models age, appearance, qualifications etc. The site provides an extensive picture gallery for each fashion model with security. There is an administrator in our site who manages all the activities between the models and … Read the rest

Robotics & Mechatronics Automation Based Projects List-Mechanical Engineering-Electronics engineering-Electrical Engineering

Robotics / Mechatronics / Automation Based Project List

  1. Fabrication of blow air material separator
  2. Fabrication of device for demonstration of magnetic levitation and launching
  3. Fabrication of linear motor
  4. Fabrication of motorized tricycle for children
  5. Fabrication of catapult for play war arena
  6. Fabrication of remote controlled robotic arms for medical operation purpose
  7. Fabrication of car bike combo
  8. Fabrication of artificial fore limb for writing purpose
  9. Fabrication of play ball collecting robot
  10. Fabrication of robot war machine
  11. Fabrication of worm robot
  12. Fabrication of adaptive ground clearance vehicle
  13. Fabrication of conceptual solar vehicle
  14. Fabrication of motorized focus light mechanism for all directions
  15. Fabrication
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E-Biller-a web based billing system


We mean to do by this project, a new system to handle the billing process in multi branch shops. Present day systems are able to handle this matter, but a large number of problems ware there. The main target of the project was to allow multi shop billing even when internet is not available temporarly.  E-Biller is a web based billing system.

This system deals with multi branched shops, ebiller provides a complete solution to all problems that arise in conventional internet based billing software. Most amazing fact about E-biller is its ability to work online and offline. Another … Read the rest