Mechanical Projects -Vertical Lift Mechanism the Kattwyk Bridge

Mechanical Projects Abstracts

 This Mechanical projects presentation is  a model and a  simplified version of  Kattwyk  Bridge and has   been  made  under the constraints of space, time and resources  available  in  the  lab.The  Bridge mechanism has been divided  in three sections.The central  section  lifts  above,while the two side parts remain intact with the supporting   angles. The lift mechanism used for the bridge is based on the  pulley  system  involving three pulleys. A string  is passed through the two pulleys on either  side of  middle section and the pulley at  the center synchronizes the   motion  of  two pulleys  and makes  the … Read the rest

Robotics & Mechatronics Automation Based Projects List-Mechanical Engineering-Electronics engineering-Electrical Engineering

Robotics / Mechatronics / Automation Based Project List

  1. Fabrication of blow air material separator
  2. Fabrication of device for demonstration of magnetic levitation and launching
  3. Fabrication of linear motor
  4. Fabrication of motorized tricycle for children
  5. Fabrication of catapult for play war arena
  6. Fabrication of remote controlled robotic arms for medical operation purpose
  7. Fabrication of car bike combo
  8. Fabrication of artificial fore limb for writing purpose
  9. Fabrication of play ball collecting robot
  10. Fabrication of robot war machine
  11. Fabrication of worm robot
  12. Fabrication of adaptive ground clearance vehicle
  13. Fabrication of conceptual solar vehicle
  14. Fabrication of motorized focus light mechanism for all directions
  15. Fabrication
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