Emergency Lamp with Inverter and CFL Lamp Loads


Emergency lamp with rechargeable battery facility is an important project, which useful for house, office and domestic purpose. This is much useful in rural areas, as power cut problem is a common thing in villages. These emergency lamps can provide sufficient light in absence of electricity in the night time.

The back up time depends on the battery used and the circuit design parameters. If CFL lamps are used, more back up time can be achieved.

This consists of a colpitts oscillator, which generates sinusoidal wave forms. These waveforms are amplified and given to step up transformer. This step up transformer steps up the voltage to required level. This also consists of battery charging unit. Auto cut off when battery fully charged facility is also available.

There are two modes of operation, Economy mode and bright mode. In economy mode, only one lamp will be glowing. This gives us the long duration of back up. In bright mode two lamps are ON. This gives more brightness, but less duration of back up.


Block diagram

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