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Project Abstract

The role of automation industry to solve real life problems is increasing day-by-day.In some kind of emergency situations like fire control in a building, it is so difficult for a human being to go inside the fire to extinguish it.So, in future aspects there is a need to build some special robots/machines having better heat resistant properties under high temperature conditions.The robot should automatically detect the fire with thehelp of temperature sensors which are mounted on the robot’s surface and to take quick action to extinguish the fire.Another most important feature is required in the fire fighting robot should be connected to the control room with the help of wireless connection.This study represents the design of a fully automated firefighting robot and includes various modules such as temperature sensor LM35, micro controller PIC16F8778, 16*2 LCD and RF (Radio-Frequency) module at 433MHz. A12Vdc motor is used to derive movements When fire in a particular zone gets detected by the robot then it automatically reached to that zone with the help of wheels connected to the robot with the help of dc motor.All the modules of the study project such as RF transmitter and receiver unit, temperature sensor with LCD interface and dc motor control unit are mounted on a single ply board. The schematic of PCB (Printed Circuited Board) for each module is designed with the use of software.All the stages to design a fire fighting robot are discussed step by step in the present investigation.
Fire Fighting Robot Electronics Mini Projects


From the recent years, robotics has turned out to be a ingredient over which many people had shown their interest. Robotics has gained popularity due to the advancement of many technologies of computing and nanotechnologies. So, I have decided to design something that can make humans life easier and comfortable. Here my interest of review is to make a fully automated fire fighting robot which can help in dealing with many fire problems in households and small scale industries. Now I am not concentrating on making a firefighting robot that can deal with fire on large scale because I want to proceed by step by step. The need of the hour is to make a device which can detect fire, even if it is small and take the necessary action to put it off. Many household items catch fire when someone is either sleeping or away and that lead to many hazardous conditions if the fire is not putted off in time. So, my work as an electronics and computer engineer is to design and build a system that can automatically detect and extinguish fire. I have used very basic concept here, easy to understand from the prospective of beginners or for the masters of this field.

Electronics Engineering mini Projects

Hardware Implementation of RF module

Block Diagram

Electronics Engineering Projects

Block Diagram for fire fighting robot

The block diagram for the study is which describes all the steps involved to design a fire fighting robot.
  1. Step 1: Temperature sensor modules were made to detect the temperature of the four different zones.
  2. Step 2: The voltage output of the temperature sensor is converted into digital voltage with the help of ADC in the micro controller (16F877A).
  3. Step 3: The output of the micro controller is displayed on LCD to show the temperature value of four different zones.
  4. Step 4: A signal is sent through RF transmitter module if there is an increase in temperature beyond the reference value of 35C. This signal is received by the receiver of RF module placed on the robot and micro controller will receive the pulse to operate the corresponding motor motion.
  5. Step 5: The water tank placed on the robot will extinguish the fire.

Results and discussion

The main goals while making this study were (a) It must run automatically (b) It must sense fire and extinguish it without making direct contact and the budget of the study should be minimum. This fire extinguish robot sense the increase in temperature by comparing it with the reference value i.e. 35C. The robot gives command to a 12V dc motor and it will give movements to the robot so it can reach to emergency zone. DC motors drive the robot wheels, we choose a dc motor for this robot because it is simple to control in terms of their speed and direction. Battery with long amp hour is used; the main idea is to
design this robot and make it think entirely on its own and should not depend on human input for direction or speed or for power supply. This robot can be used as a guide to the visitors from the entrance to the main office. It can help doctors to carry the medicines from one ward to another.


This study presents a design of a fully automated fire fighting robot and includes various modules such as temperature sensor LM35, microcontroller PIC 16F8778, 16*2 LCD and RF (Radio-Frequency) module at 433 MHz. The approximate cost of this study project is `1000. In future work, a camera can be installed on robot to check the obstacles.

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