DTMF Based Human less Boat Control For Oceanic Research Applications


This project is a prototype boat that can travel in water. The direction of the robot can be controlled by DTMF. This can be moved forward, backward direction. Also this robot can take sharp turnings towards left and right directions using DC Motors. This project uses AT89S52 MCU as its controller.

This project uses DTMF technology for controlling Robot in a way such that near the controlling side we are provided with any type of communication device such as a mobile phone or a landline. Now coming to the other side we are provided with the mobile phone only because a landline cannot move accordingly with the movement of the boat. In the mobile phone we allot the number keys as our direction movements for the Robot to move.

Now when we dial the numbers in the mobile phone from the controlling side then it automatically recognizes which number has been recorded and it follows with the corresponding next step to be taken i.e., movement of the robot in water. This Project uses DTMF Decoder which is controlled by a battery and in turn is connected to the mobile phone. This is controlled by the controller and is again connected to the driver circuit for driving the motor.

This project uses  battery. This project is much useful for mines detection and Oceanic Research Applications.

Block diagram











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