The project work is “DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF PLAIN MILLING FIXTURE is designed to hold a single work piece is to be milled. Plain milling fixture is used when small number of work piece are to be milled.

Generally fixtures are classified according to the operations like turning fixture , milling fixture, boring fixture, grinding fixture etc.,  Our project is based on the need for work holding devices. This design and fabrication of plain milling fixture is for accuracy as well as saving the loading time. our project is mainly composed of facing operation in milling at less time compare to lathe, which cover the absolute design to the specified dimensions of the work piece .The main feature of the project is load and unload the job when machine is in progress and indexing operation also performed by this fixture.

Milling fixture is classified in a variety of ways and there is no standard method of classification. Because each fixture is different and must be designed to meet certain requirements. Some of the types of milling fixture are as follows straddle milling fixture, gang milling fixture, keyway milling fixing fixture, Index milling fixture, string milling fixture. Above mentioned fixtures are classified based on the type of operations performed on the work, method of milling, clamping the work piece.


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