Generally clamp is a common device used to hold work for carrying out various operations due to quick loading and unloading capability. Hinged clamp is a device used on the shop floor holding the job during machining operation. Hinged clamp provides rapid clearance of loading and un loading passage. It is generally clamped with a swinging eye bolt. The clamp has got an open slot through which the eye bolt can be swung in position. The hinged plate is swung aside during loading and unloading. Hinged clamp can also be used for two way clamping.

“Time is very essential for everyone” so we are pleased to design and fabricate a project on clamping device namely “HINGED EDGE CLAMP” which saves the time while clamping the work piece and makes the machining very easy and accurate.

Our project hold the work piece securely in correct position while machining operations like Drilling, reaming, tapping, shaping etc and various machining operations can be performed easily.

Objectives of our project are:

  1. It is used for irregular shape work pieces can be clamped.
  2. It will hold the work piece rigidly against all disturbing forces.
  3. Clamping force should be equally distributed to all the work pieces.
  4. Skilled labours are not required.
  5. High accuracy can be maintained.
  6. Time consumption is very less for clamping and machining.
  7. Economically more advantage.

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