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Please see the below Mechanical Engineering Projects List for your reference and you can Purchase it. We will supply the Project Kit along with Project Abstract, Project Report. 100% Working Models only.

Please comment with required Project Name or Sl No


Sl No Mechanical Engineering Projects
1 Vertical and horizontal Sun tracking with automated cleaning system for solar PV modules with light sensors and wind hybrid power generation
2 Gear less power transmission with scotch yoke mechanism
3 Automatic Electric line wood cutting robot
4 Road power generation by using sliding mechanism
6 Automatic break failure indicator and engine over heating alarm
7 New model Three wheel handicapped streeing propulsion cycle
8 Design and fabrication of foldable bicycle
9 Design and Fabrication of wind powered auto charging tool grinding machine
10 Water pumping system and power generation by using wind power (360 degree rotation) and pedal power
11 Thermo electric refrigeration system using thermo electric cooler TEG (peltier)
12 design and fabrication of sun flower thresher machine
13 automatic 3 axis glass cutting robot
14 solar  powered motorized drilling machine
15 Automatic scrap collecting robot
16 remote controlled water flash robot for gardening
17 Fabrication of remote controlled step climbing robot
18 Chair cum bed innovative mechanical development for physically challenged      people
19 Automatic speed breaker on time demand over speed controlling system for school zones
20 Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision
21 Shock absorber power generation automobile engineering
22 Rain detection and automatic cloth retracting machine
23 Magnetic and non magnetic material sorting machine
24 Sensor operated fire fighting remote controlled Automated guided vehicle
25 Design and fabrication of smart wheel chair (stair climbing and road)
26 Stair climbing wheel chair
27 Swinging action power generation and water pump mechanism


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