Bluetooth Home Automation


Our project is a wireless controlling of a home component, this is the main Idea.

The wireless communication system is Bluetooth peering between a client (mobile station in our case) & a server (LinkMatik 2.0 : Bluetooth module) which is connected directly to pic16f778 controller.

The home component we try to controlled:

  1.        4 DC motor represent 2 doors, window & fan
  2.        4 lights
  3.        Temperature sensor
  4.        Real clock timer.
  5.        LCD.



Bluetooth is a radio standard and communications protocol primarily designed for low power consumption, with a short range (power-class-dependent: 1 meter, 10 meters, 100 meters) based on low-cost transceiver microchips in each device.

Bluetooth lets these devices communicate with each other when they are in range. The devices use a radio communications system, so they do not have to be in line of sight of each other, and can even be in other rooms, as long as the received transmission is powerful enough.


Maximum Permitted Power


Class 1

100 mW (20 dBm) ~100 meters

Class 2

2.5 mW (4 dBm) ~10 meters

Class 3

1 mW (0 dBm) ~1 meter

Bluetooth is implemented in a variety of new products such as phones, printers, modems, and headsets. Bluetooth is acceptable for situations when two or more devices are in proximity to each other and don’t require high bandwidth. Bluetooth is most commonly used with phones and hand-held computing devices, either using a Bluetooth headset or transferring files from phones/PDAs to computers.

Bluetooth also simplifies the discovery and setup of services. Bluetooth devices advertise all services they provide. This makes the utility of the service that much more accessible, without the need to worry about network addresses, permissions and all the other considerations that go with typical networks.


Bluetooth home automation



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  1. joseph james says:

    please i need help and advice to do this priject,may i have its source code

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