Automatic meter reading through power line communication

This project is intended to connect all the energy meters at homes to the main distributor through the high voltage power line. The X10 technology forms the back bone of this project. Here the zero crossing point of the 230V AC signal is used to transmit the required bit. Thus the meter reading at the consumer end is received at the distributor end with less effort. This avoids the necessity of the person who visits every building at the consumer end to take meter reading. Again it helps to keep track of power consumption in a region and to bring it under control. Detection of faulty lines in the complete network becomes feasible and this project also aims to prevent power theft to some extent.

The basic block diagram for interfacing of Energy Meter is shown below. The output from the energy meter is of the form of little pulses. The time period of these pulses are proportional to the power consumed at the load. Hence these pulses are counted sequentially and the 1 unit is calculated when 100 pulses have been counted. These values are stored in various registers of the controller.

When the request signal from the distributer is received, the serial address stored within the controller of consumer section and data is matched the meter readings are given to the input terminal of the transmitter.

Block Diagram of the Interfacing Circuit

 Automatic Meter Reading Through PLC

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