The study was conducted to aces the employees retention  and their by knowing the job satisfaction of employees in the organization, lastly to support remedial measures to improve retention of employees. Employee job satisfaction and retention is the ultimate aim of any business. The business entirely depends on its employees for its survival and growth. Connemara tea factory is opted for this study because most of the companies around this area is not working well due to less job satisfaction and retention, this is the only company which is working well in this area, so I choose this company to find out what are the tactics they are using. This study was carried out for a period of one month.

A descriptive research study along with simple random sampling was adopted for a sample size of 50 employees of Connemara tea factory.

The primary data were collected by interviewing the respondent through questionnaire. The secondary data were collected by through company journal, Record, Magazine and Company Website.

Percentage analysis method and chi-square tool were used for analyzing and interpreting the collected data.

Findings from this study are showing that most of the respondents: are having high work pressure, don’t know their responsibilities, they are satisfied with the company’s reward system, are satisfied with the career opportunities which are given by the company. The suggestions for this are: the work pressure should be maintained in such a way that the employees must not be tortured, Make all the employees clear in their responsibilities,   The company must provide fair rewards to all employees, Career opportunities should be given to more employees.

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