Performance appraisal should be a two way approach, both from the supervisor and subordinate. The study presents a review of the performance appraisal process in relation to performance and feedback at Hewlett Packard.  The purpose of PA is to help the employee perform better, accomplish more and be motivated to work towards making an organization more effective.

The performance appraisal is the evaluation of on employee job performance in order to determine the degree to which the employee is performing effectively.  Performance appraisal should be designed to show more precisely how well workers are doing their jobs.

The Performance Appraisal System needs to be very transparent and helpful both to the employees and to the organization. The need is to get a feedback from appraisers and appraises working in the organization, about the current state of the PAS. Only after analyzing the current state of PAS, the human resource managers can go to the next step of improvements in PAS. A survey is therefore required.

The type of research chosen is quantitative in nature. The research is undertaken to ascertain the views / opinions of the Raters and Rates working with the company and to suggest appropriate modifications about the existing PAS Structured questionnaire has been prepared and discussed personally with the respondents.

The sample size will be restricted to 100 employees and 20 employers chosen by applying stratified random method.

Findings of the research are: 

1. The employees are aware of the present Performance appraisal System followed in the company. This is evident from the responses collected from the raters as well as the rates. 85% of the rates agreed.

2. Raters spend considerable amount of time in giving the rate a feedback about the performance.

3. The general awareness about the traits / attributes is good. 70% of the employees also felt that the traits / attributes are sufficient.

4. Respondents feel that the training program strongly helps in enhancing job knowledge and individual skill.

5. The ratees have a good knowledge about who their respective Reporting and the Reviewing officers are of the respondents knew the rating office.

The researcher would like to recommend the following:  

 1) The performance appraisal should begin by concentrating on what employees have done well.

2) The Reporting officer must focus on employee s key effective areas where he should show results.

3) The Reporting / Reviewing officer must establish objectives in terms of an employee s performance (Both short term and long term) which in a way will after the total     organizational plan.

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