An industry is certainly not a place where workers and employers try to get the maximum each other. Both employee and management can be lot more if and when they work together as partners in an enterprise, and if they have sympathy of understanding of each other problems, which is the basic problem in employee welfare. It is sincerely hope that he welfare notion will help the industry community better, to maintain harmonious industrial relations and more lasting industrial peace to tackle effectively the social problems and attain human welfare.

The industrial revolution began in the 18century and since it introduced the big machine it came to be known as the machine age. Industrialization is employment of labor accompanying of this welfare in as much as on their welfare depends the future progress of industrialization employee welfare is a direct sequel to industrialization  Employee welfare has positive aspect to it. It has statutory measures, which lays down minimum standouts of facilities to be given to the employees. Retaining and motivation employees and minimizing socialize evils are most of the beneficiary outcomes of employee welfare.

KSEB has large strength of employees working at all levels, A study of the welfare measures being provided to its employees was done. This problems faced by the employees regarding these spheres were observed with the help of questionnaire and an analysis of the same was carried out.  The survey at KSEB showed an average satisfaction level among the employees. If the company thinks it apt, it can provide its employees with certain more non-statutory welfare measure and benefits that they may help in increasing the satisfaction level of employees.

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