Quite Often in many companies we will have at least some unwelcome and unproductive friction with others. There are difficulties to be worked through even in the best relationships. In more troubled relationships, people problems may loom large enough to seriously undermine both morale and productivity. Of all the problems we encounter n corporate life, people problems are generally toughest to solve. Difficult as task problems may be, most of us would choose them over people problems. Besides when a task problem I especially difficult to handle, it is usually so because on or more painful people problems are embedded in it. People problems in many company is the outcome of people styles at work. It is, therefore, significant to understand the people styles at work from the behavioral angle.


 The main objective of this research are to find the common ground with employees and to identify the employees  styles at work in terms of level of assertiveness and level of responsiveness. Also to identify the  back up style  and analyze the concept of  style flex  in adjusting the patterns of employee behavior.


From the analysis done, findings of this research were done under seven categories of styles, Thinking style, Communication style, Decision-making style, Boss-subordinate behavior style, Emotional expressiveness, Colleague delight and Execution styles. The findings are summed up below:

1. it was found that, majority of the employees are open to new ideas and creative solutions that are generated by the subordinates and they try to come up with solutions to problems that might arise.

2. The mood of the employee depends on his style of communication.

3. Employees would like to take decisions that are people oriented.

4. Never tends to infect subordinates with stress.

5. Assists subordinates pro-actively.

6. Employees do have the ability to ask the right questions.


Major recommendations made in the research are to  improve in interpersonal communication through the use of Johari Window , to understand  flexing each style of behavior among employees  and a detail  study should be conducted by the corporate enterprises periodically on effective and ineffective work style  of the employees.

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