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fabricated sysem

Mechanical Engineering Projects – Sprocket side-stand retrieve System

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Projects Thanks for visiting We know that you are busy looking for Mechanical engineering projects for your academics. The aim of this venture of ours is to help you  for your Mechanical Engineering Projects by providing you different project ideas and reference materials so as to reduce your strain during the final semester curriculum ...
The  Kattwyk  Bridge demo

Mechanical Projects -Vertical Lift Mechanism the Kattwyk Bridge

Mechanical Projects Abstracts  This Mechanical projects presentation is  a model and a  simplified version of  Kattwyk  Bridge and has   been  made  under the constraints of space, time and resources  available  in  the  lab.The  Bridge mechanism has been divided  in three sections.The central  section  lifts  above,while the two side parts remain intact with the supporting   angles. ...
Pedal operated wash basin


ABSTRACT The project is used to operate the water pipe for hand washing purpose through the easy operation of pressing the pedal. The pedal is easily operate able in any persons even children also use this. This equipment  is automatic so this project is very useful for using on hotels, restaurents, public areas and home uses.  METHODOLOGY This project consists the following parts  Water tank  Solenoid ...
Welded bogie frame of railway vehicles

An Automation of Fatigue Durability Analysis for Welded Bogie Frame Using System Integration Techniques-Mechanical Engineering Projects

ABSTRACT A web based automation of fatigue durability analysis for a welded bogie frame of railway vehicle is realized with several kinds of system integration techniques. The macro program of I-DEAS, the APDL of ANSYS, and an in-house fatigue code are utilized for the parametric geometry modeling and automatic generation of finite element models, the static stress analysis, the fatigue durability ...
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